“Premier League defenders around the country will have recoiled at this United goal” – Paddy Barclay


In the latest episode of Barclay and Barton on the Premier League, Paddy Barclay explained why Premier League defenders would have recoiled in horror watching Manchester United this past weekend.

Paddy and Wayne Barton discuss a number of issues on the show including VAR.

“When Sky Television started broadcasting Premier League football there was clearly a necessity to equaliser matters with referees,” Paddy said. “Although referees are better now than they ever have been, they’re at a disadvantage because of how badly video technology has been brought it. My conscience is clear on this – I had long conversations with David Elleray who handles these matters. He seemed to be listening…”

One aspect of the game Paddy is more convinced about is the form of Mason Greenwood. The legendary football writer believes his second goal at the weekend could be a defining moment.

“For me the thing that’s going most right at Manchester United is Mason Greenwood,” he says. “I’m not sure he can be held back any longer. He reminds me so much of Rooney, not physically but in his utter ruthlessness. For the first goal on Saturday he was shown on to his left foot – I mean, how stupid can you get… but for the second, he goes off looking for space. The defender does the right thing this time but Greenwood still doesn’t hesitate. Defenders all over the country will have look at that and gone ‘ah, no…’!”

You can listen to the episode here.

Barclay and Barton on the Premier League

Legendary football journalist Paddy Barclay and football writer Wayne Barton explore the Premier League era, dedicating time to some of the great teams and players, and aiming a forensic microscope over some of the most fascinating stories of the times.

Having discussed the coronavirus, Liverpool and Manchester City in part one, this episode looks at VAR, and the managerial changes at the top of the table.

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