“It’s without doubt imperative United strengthen” before start of season – Luke Chadwick

Although things are beginning to seem a little more normal, I think this week has reminded everyone of the seriousness of the situation we are all in. 

In my opinion football should carry on; with the finances available to the clubs and leagues, testing should not be a problem to keep the players and staff as safe as possible which seems to be one of the biggest problems to the rest of the country. Obviously with recent announcements we will be waiting a little longer to get fans back in the ground which is a real shame but the league resuming in any form will hopefully give everyone a lift. 

It will be interesting to see how the league starts and is as probably as open as we’ve seen it for the past 3 seasons, Chelsea have been the big movers in the transfer market so far, if United can follow suit in the next few weeks hopefully the opportunity of some silverware will be there.

United, and a couple of other clubs, have had players test positive for the virus. Despite that, I think it’s going to be tough to delay the season for individual clubs, which is one of the reasons I believe this season will be open. 

Throughout the early weeks of the season it’s inevitable key players will miss games because of the virus, meaning those with bigger stronger squads will hold the advantage more than ever. 

It’s without doubt imperative United strengthen and if recruitment is good and of course they get some good fortune on the way perhaps there would be an opportunity of springing what I’m sure many would see as an upset this season.

As mentioned it may be a while before we see fans back in stadiums after the latest announcements this week. Of course safety must come first, so the wait will have to go on. Football is so different without fans in the ground, they bring the best out of the players and make the game the spectacle that it is. When the time does come for the fans to return it will certainly be a massive reminder how important they are in making the game what it is!

It’s been fantastic getting back to work with The Football Factory, it’s so rewarding seeing the children playing at our sessions with big smiles on their faces just how the game should be played.

It’s been an incredibly tough time for everyone, particularly the children, so to play a small part in their lives returning to some sort of normality has been really uplifting and rewarding. 

Since coming out of Lockdown our team of Head Coaches has grown from 6 to 12 as we look to widen our footprint across the UK, in our aim of becoming a world leader in our field. Lofty ambitions I know, but why not shoot for the stars and see how high you can get! One day we hope to have millions of children taking part in FFF sessions making memories that will last a lifetime!

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