United Should Cut Their Losses On ‘Liability’ Pogba Who Is ‘In Debt’ To The Club – United Legend In Blast

Former Manchester United defender Paul Parker has blasted Paul Pogba after the Frenchman’s latest alleged comments in the press.

As usual, the international break has brought with it plenty of speculation about Pogba’s future, with French manager Didier Deschamps saying the player is ‘impacted mentally’ by events at Old Trafford.

“He’s not in his best form, of course. I knew that before the game,” Deschamps told the media on Friday.

“This match was meant to give him some rhythm. He knew that he would only play for an hour. Like all players who have a club situation that is not positive, they are also impacted mentally. I know him well enough and it can happen at some points.”

And Pogba himself seemed to agree, saying : [Playing with France] it’s like a window that opens up. It’s a breath of fresh air when you come here. We have a truly fantastic squad. When we come here, we’re all happy.”

Further comments have led to renewed speculation that Pogba could be angling for an Old Trafford exit and though it remains to be seen if once more it is claimed the comments were made out of context, many are beginning to feel tired with the same old merry-go-round, and, with the player’s poor form to the start of the season, many are beginning to feel as though United would actually be better placed if Pogba did move on.

One such person is former United defender Paul Parker, who has been a defender of Pogba and believed that Jose Mourinho was wrong to single him out in the manner he did.

However Pogba has contributed only the concession of numerous penalties of note this season and Parker believes the time for indulging the club record signing has gone.

“I’ve had to change, I’m willing to put my hands up now… it isn’t going to happen now for Paul Pogba at Manchester United,” he said exclusively on this week’s Talking Devils podcast.

“I’ve tried to make excuses for him, that he should only plat at the top of a diamond so that he’s not affecting play further back. Don’t let play in midfield where he could lose it and we get counter-attacked. Just keep him in the final third where his quick feet could make things happen… but I was thinking to myself that he could become a liability, and he has become a liability.”

Parker slammed the midfielder, saying that his poor performance means he actually owes the club and should concentrate on that rather than complaining.

“When he came to United he was popular in terms of shirt sales but I can’t think there’ll be many people buying Pogba shirts now. On that side of it his value is zilch because from a marketing perspective he’s declined and on the footballing side you’re getting nothing in return. In fact he’s owing Manchester United, he’s actually in debt.”

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